Sunday, 21 April 2013

To avoid the looming generational war...


We also need to tax the asset rich/cash poor (over 65′s) more.

1. GST to 20% and raise welfare and the tax free threshold accordingly to compensate.
2. Land tax to replace stamps and create reverse mortgages from Centrelink for those that are asset rich/cash for to pay.
3. CGT on all property sold under 10 years. Exemptions for real reasons to move – health, babies and work. No CGT after 10 years, ZERO!
4. Death tax on the value over $1million at 25%. (Rural and ongoing businesses exempt.)
5. Asset test the PPOR (value over $750k) for pension eligibility and also provide reverse mortgages exclusively from the govt, to those asset rich/cash poor. It is not fair that pensioners can live in a $5 million dollar home, have $1m in cash and still get a part pension!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Robert Oakeshott MP shows his complete lack of a social conscience

Recently in a twitter conversation, Rob cheered that house prices were rising again. When I asked him why that would be a good thing for an advanced society, he responded...

“Because people own houses under private title, and people’s personal wealth matters. can I put it any more simply for you?”

Friday, 12 April 2013

Julia thinks we can go to 40 million by 2050, she is mad as batpoo!

Mad as batpoo!
As our natural growth drops to perhaps to zero or even negative over the next 2.5 decades as our deaths double (boomers departing the home planet), what she is really saying is that we must accept a double or even a treble increase in immigration. Not going to happen! Will anyone accept 450,000 or 600,000 net immigrants per year? As I said, mad as batpoo!

End of September 2012 – 22 785, 000
ABS says now April 12, 2013 – 22, 988,000

So what 213,000 additions in 6 months? Just shows how ‘out’ the abs really is, like the 300,000 extra that they had that our census showed we did not.

Back of envelope – to get to 40 million from our 23 million, we will need to add 17 million over 28 years, or approx 607, 142 per year. Now lets say we have a natural growth (2013 to 2035) as 2.5 million (2013 at 150k, 2104 at 145k, 2035 at 50k etc to 2050) that means we would need to add 14.5 million net immigrants or approx 518K per year. Yep, not going to happen! What politics is this actually about? It certainly is not about reality or even possibility!